Why use ThriveCart?

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Why use ThriveCart? Seriously? You’ve read the ThriveCart sales page and now you’re Googling Why use ThriveCart?

I purchased ThriveCart the day I discovered it, and I wasn’t even looking for a new software solution that day. But after reading about what it was capable of, I had to get my hands on it.

Before I can properly answer why you should use ThriveCart, I’ll take 30 seconds to explain what Thrivecart actually does.

What’s ThriveCart do?

ThriveCart is the glue that takes a user browsing any website and provides them access to something that they have purchased.

This means that it is the platform that people on your website will see as soon as they click ‘Buy now’ all the way through to the “Thanks for Your Order’ message.

Going one step deeper, this means ThriveCart:

  • Collects the customers information
  • Asks their billing preferences (Credit card, paypay etc)
  • Takes their money
  • Gives their money to you
  • Delivers them access to their digital product

Sounds simple right? Well, read onto the next section on why you should use ThriveCart to manage this ‘simple’ process’.

Read our full article on this topic here: What does ThriveCart do?

Why use ThriveCart?

Reason #1 to use ThriveCart – It’s packed with features

Before discovering ThriveCart, I had one membership site which was using Paypal as its main payment processor, and the integrations was literally a ‘Buy Now’ button on my WordPress website which linked to a Paypal URL. After payment, the customer would come back to my site and log in to the members’ dashboard.

I mean…it worked.


  • I didn’t have any data on what was happening when the user clicked to Paypal (with ThriveCart I have every peice of data I could ask for)
  • It was hard to use tracking code for remarketing purposes on Paypal, such as a Facebook Pixel (ThriveCart makes this simple)
  • I had no control over cart abandonment (ThriveCart lets me send abandonded checkouts followup emails to entice them back).
  • I’d spent years considering which affiliate management tool to use with Paypal, and couldn’t find a good one so never got around to it (ThriveCart includes an affiliate management system)
  • I was losing money on Paypal when subscriptions stopped (ThriveCart Customer centre lets people manage their subscriptions and it’s integration with Stripe makes subscription payments stressfree.)

I normally don’t talk too transparently about the income of each of my sites, but this site was doing $3,190 per month before switching to ThriveCart.

Since the month I switched payments to ThriveCart, it’s been doing $6,373 per month.

why use thrivecart

Considering ThriveCart cost me about $600…I’d say that investment was worthwhile! 😊

Reason #2 to use ThriveCart – It’s made for non-programmers

Secondly, I can’t write code, so the thought of creating payment functionality on a new online project scares me to the point of actually not starting new projects.

I would have dozens of ideas each year of websites I could make, but never knew how to take payments effectively, so wouldn’t start.

When I purchased ThriveCart a few big changes took place:

Now I wouldn’t say I’m some amazing online guru who knows everything, but I think going from making $300 per month online in 2019, to $3000 in 2021, then $15,000 in 2022 (all via ThriveCart) shows what a powerful and motivating tool it is.


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You’ve got the most powerful cart builder there is – but are you using it to its full potential? Chances are you are losing money every day by not using its core features fully.

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