Is ThriveCart legit?

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Yes, ThriveCart is a legit product.

But let’s take a step back. You arrived on this page, more than likely, because you searched for whether ThriveCart is legit.

This means you are either a creator or entrepreneur looking to sell something and are considering using ThriveCart, or you are a consumer wanting to buy something and see that the seller is using ThriveCart.

Both these scenarios need to be answered separately as the answer varies slightly – so let’s start with the former.

As an entrepreneur, is ThriveCart legit?

Yes, you can purchase ThriveCart with confidence knowing that it is a legitimate tool used by thousands of very happy customers to process their transactions and assist in the delivery of digital and physical products.

ThriveCart is founded by Jost Bartlett, a tech entrepreneur living in New Zealand. They have an active Facebook support group where the founder and employees often help directly with customer questions, using their real Facebook profiles with actual pictures of the real humans behind the scenes.

As a customer, is ThriveCart legit?

To clarify, this section is in regards to buying something from an entrepreneur that uses ThriveCart to process the transactions.

So in this case, yes, ThriveCart is a trusted tool that helps entrepreneurs and small online creators manage their customer’s payments and subscriptions.

BUT, we can’t say with 100% certainty that the person using ThriveCart to manage their payments is legit. As with all online sales there are a handful of things that could go wrong – ranging from your purchase not actually being delivered, to fraudulent charges appearing on your credit card.

Behind the scenes, ThriveCart doesn’t technically take the payments. They are the middle man, and the actual company managing the transactions is a bigger company such as PayPal and Stripe.

Both these companies allow customers to do chargebacks quite easily, so if you have been scammed by someone using ThriveCart, you can always contact your bank or the payment processor to reverse the charge.


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