How much does ThriveCart cost?

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ThriveCart costs $495 for the standard lifetime account. If you decide to upgrade to the ThriveCart Pro account (which we highly recommend), then that is an additional $195.

So, you’re looking at $690 in total to purchase ThriveCart.

It sounds like a lot, right? But look at it this way. I’ve got a simple example to show you that ThriveCart is worth the cost.

I own a website that sells online courses in the design niche. It was doing $4,000 per month for most of 2020 and 2021. In September 2021 I change the checkout process to use ThriveCart, and it’s done on average $8,000 a month since. This past month, it’s done $13,500.

My $690 investment in ThriveCart has returned me close to $50,000 in additional sales!

Before using ThriveCart my sales pages linked directly to a Paypal payment processing screen. I couldn’t install Google Analytics on it, I couldn’t use the Facebook Pixel, there were no abandoned cart emails, and I couldn’t easily to A/B tests to improve the cart design.

When I switched to ThriveCart I immediately had full visibility over what was happening on my checkout pages, and I could immediately begin optimizing different cart designs to improve my conversion rate.

If this doesn’t convince you to spend $690 on ThriveCart, I don’t know what will.


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